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The CLEANFlare solution represents a revolutionary new approach to flare stack monitoring and control, offering a more precise and effective means to evaluate, study flare health and control its efficiency. CLEANFLare uses an array of optical sensors at different wavelengths, as well as reading from the production line and artificial intelligence, to inspect the flame and its quality. The system continuously learns normal behavior and adjusts its output to accommodate different conditions (i.e., day, night, different weather condition and different combustion gases). CLEANFlare monitors flare shape, color, motion and temperature from various angles, and continues to deliver accurate readings and analyses even when the flare is in direct line with the sun, under all inclement atmospheric conditions and when the CE of the flare is relatively low.

Furthermore, CLEANFlare stores up to 7 years of video (watermarked), assisting clients comply with inspection and auditing requirements, reduce the use of steam and fulfills the need for 99.99% system uptime. The storage system is raided SSD where the monitoring and control layers are fully redundant without a single point of failure.

CLEANFlare is an extremely economical solution, located remotely from stack and installed in accordance with the regulations as defined in Class I Division 2 of the IEC 60079. The systems installation, configuration, operation and maintenance require absolutely no factory downtime.



Unlike pyrometers, ionization spectrometers, UV flame detectors and thermal camera solutions, CLEANFLare also operates when the flare is in direct line with the sun, under all inclement atmospheric conditions and when the CE of the flare is relatively low.



Federal regulators are requesting the industry to use Best Available Technologies (BTE). The CLEANFlare is industry landmark in that aspect.
Long periods of extreme weather, blinding sun, birds, clouds, smoke and hydrocarbons from other sources are  are not of any particular interest to the system and accuracy is kept. CLEANFlare is free to offer accurate measurements and around-the-clock flare monitoring as well as automatic steam flow control.



CLEANFlare is an extremely economical solution. installed remotely from the flare, the solution requiring no factory downtime to install, configure, operate or maintain. Furthermore, the solution is likely to reduce the amount of steam the factory uses to control the gas-fairing process and saves operational expenses.
CLEANFlare outputs, which translates into improved flare stack function decreases the likelihood of unwanted regulatory interaction.

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