Environmental Protection

Considerable Reduction of Methane Emissions Carbon Footprint

The technology ensures high-efficiency flare combustion, thus saving carbon emission and tax charges associated with CO2 emissions

Wide-Ranging Solution for Flare Operators, Regulators and Environmental Protection Agencies

Either cloud-based or on-premises architecture, standalone or SCADA connected
Mobile Monitoring Station option for ad-hoc monitoring and analysis


CleanFlare is currently offering a commitment-free trial pilot

Upon a successful pilot, the system is offered as a full service, on a flexible month to month fee basis, with no upfront CAPEX investment or long-term commitment



To become a leader provider for various types of gas-flaring systems, which support emission reduction across industries.

Create a considerable environmental impact, by commissioning own developed state-of-the-art, breakthrough, vision-based systems which create high value for operators and planet Earth.


If you are looking for a state-of-the-art cost-effective solution to enhance flare performance, save OPEX and comply with the prevailing environmental requirements,

Or looking to become a business partner,


Cutting-Edge Multi-Spectral Continuous Flare Monitoring System

Combines, innovative Artificial Intelligence and Deep Machine Learning technologies


Real-time addon control module coupled to the FlareX, for flare optimization and enhancement

Reducing black smoke and methane emission, while increasing safety and saving Operating Expenditure